"A Unicorn for Misty"

-this is my first short story about a Unicorn and I want to dedicate it to my boyfriend. Happy early Valentines Day, sweety!

Misty woke up in the morning with a special feeling of really looking forward to the day ahead. It was finaly Valentines Day, the happiest Day of the year! She had a special feeling that today would be different. You see on Valetine's Day there is a special magic in the air, and everything seems different and more special, espcially when you are a Unicron like Misty was. Valentine's day was espcially good for Misty because it is her birthday. Did you knowe all Unicorns are born on Valentine's Day? Misty had yet to find her one Special True Love but she knew he was out there waiting for her. Well if he wasn't going to come to her she would just have to go out and find him herslef!!

She ate a delicous breakfast of fresh, sweet hay and skipped down to the meadow to look at her reflection in the pond.....

Misty was an especialy beautiful unicron, with soft white fur and big soft brown eyes and a beautiful twisty horn. She gazaed at her reflection in the pond for awhile and felt sad because there was no other unicorn for her to frolic with or to pet her soft fur. She set off to search for her Love.

First she met a butterfly.

"Mr. Butterfly", she said "I wish I had wings like you do. You fly all over the world everyday. You must see everthing there is to see. I am looking for a Unicorn to be my True Love. Have you seen him?"

"Misty", said the butterfly "It is true I fly everwhere and see All there is to see." He flew off, calling over his shoulder, "Keep looking for your True Love. You will find him soon."

Misty felt more cheerfull and skipped through the meadow, singing a little song. She was so caught up in singing that she almost stepped on a tiger who was having a conersation with some birds from a cage.

"Mr. Tiger", Misty said "I am looking for true Love. Have you seen any other unicrons I can meet?"

"Go away. I am busy". said the Tiger. "But if you go back to the pond, you will find a Unicorn."

"Oh no", said Misty. "That was just my reflecion in the water."

But the tiger told her just to go back to the pond. Misty thought, "Well it is Valentine's Day. Maybe he is right."

With a song in her heart, Mindy went frolicing back to the pond. She couldn't believe her eyes!! There was a Unicorn waiting for her. The first thing that struck her was his beuatiful blue, blue eyes.

"I've been waiting for you, Misty", he said.

Finally she had found True Love. This was the best Valentines Day ever!!!!

(The End.)

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