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My Gallery of Unicorn Art

I like artistic things with Unicorns on them. I used to have two unicorn mugs but my boyfriend accidentally broke one when it fell off our balcony and then he accidentally put the other one in the box of stuff we gave away to Goodwill. One day I hope to buy the most perfect beautiful unicorns mugs and then I will buy a whole colection.

I am just learning to use Photo sop so I did some artistic things of my own. I hope you like them. If you want to use them on your website please feel free! But please e-mail me and let me know where you're using them so I can come look because I'd love to see other peoples' unicron sites.

On with the Art Show.

"Unicorn in Paris" - 1999

I think some unicorns are probably world travelers. I mean, it's nice to hang out in fields and all but I'd go to Paris if someone bought me a ticket.

"Unicorn Suicide" - 1999

This one is more serious. The unicron is mad at modern things like a jukebox. But I thought it would be more sad if instead of running off because she's all upset, she miscalculates and runs into it, accidentally. Uh-oh! See, its the modern world versus the unicorn.

I'm writing a poem about this picture. I'll post it soon!

"Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Unicorn" - 1999

This is my fave because it combines unicorns and Valentine's Day, the happiest day of the year! The woman's offering him some chocolates but he would rather eat the box! Get it?

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